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Yarn Wreath Craze

Posted by on Jan 27 2012, in Crafts & Tutorials

I originally jumped on the yarn wreath bandwagon back in the fall, but with the holiday craziness and my lack of photography skills I just never got a chance to post a picture. I’m still not thrilled with the pic, but it’ll do for now – maybe one of my awesome photog friends will feel bad about how pitiful it looks and come take a decent shot for me ;)

More than likely you’ve already seen these fun projects floating around the web the past year or so and with them being so simple and easy, it’s not hard to see why everyone is joining the yarn wreath craze. Wrapping ribbon around a foam wreath and then getting creative with some embellishments…quick, easy, cheap, and fun! I ended up using 2 different color yarns for mine, a darker shade on the bottom and then a lighter shade over the top. I LOVE IT! I then just made some various styles and sizes of fabric flowers from scraps laying around, so my only cost for this project was the wreath ($1 store) and at some point I bought the yarn (probably with my 40% off coupon).

My Fall wreath will likely double as a Summer wreath since I decided on more colorful fabric choices :)

Here’s some great inspiration if you’re ready to get started on your own yarn wreath:

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