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Here Comes The Sun Styled Shoot

Posted by on Feb 11 2017

Hello Friends!

It’s been quite a while since I blogged.  I’m talking 3+ years!  Truthfully I’ve never been very good at it.  In 2017 this Sacramento invitation designer resolves to blog more!  MORE is all I can promise.  Probably not a lot.  I know it’s fun for engaged couples to see fresh ideas for custom wedding invitations.  So, this is for you!

Check out this Real Weddings Magazine styled shoot I was part of last season.  This all yellow invitation is oh so cheery!  Such a fun twist on a beach wedding.


Check out the behind-the-scenes video:

Click here to visit Portfolio

Cal Expo Bridal Showcase 2014

Posted by on Jan 13 2014

Yesterday was another great day at the annual Cal Expo Bridal Showcase. We were amongst some pretty great vendors. Hopefully you had the chance to stop by our booth. If you did attend, remember that your flyer entitles you to 100 free Save the Date Postcards with an Invitation purchase of $600 or more. Big thanks to Jill, Lori and Jess who helped at our booth.



Just spiffing things up!

Posted by on Jan 12 2014


Thanks for stopping by Invitations Ink!  With the merging of Invitations Ink and Angela Dal Bon Custom Invitations & Announcements we’ve got a whole new look. We’re in the process of updating our site with pictures of our latest work. In the meantime, please visit us on Facebook to see most recent designs! (

Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Feb 07 2012

With Valentine’s Day one week away, I thought I’d share one more project that has been a true labor of love for me. My fabric flower Valentine’s Day wreath! The idea came to me last Valentine’s Day, but there was no way I had time to get it finished, so I’m finally getting the chance to share it with you and display it on my little entryway table. I’m pretty much in love with it and thrilled to have actually decorated for Valentine’s Day for the first time ever. Sad, but true! Now that my little ones are beyond the age of worrying about breakables within grabbing reach, my house is beginning to look less like a playroom.

Yarn Wreath Craze

Posted by on Jan 27 2012

I originally jumped on the yarn wreath bandwagon back in the fall, but with the holiday craziness and my lack of photography skills I just never got a chance to post a picture. I’m still not thrilled with the pic, but it’ll do for now – maybe one of my awesome photog friends will feel bad about how pitiful it looks and come take a decent shot for me ;)

More than likely you’ve already seen these fun projects floating around the web the past year or so and with them being so simple and easy, it’s not hard to see why everyone is joining the yarn wreath craze. Wrapping ribbon around a foam wreath and then getting creative with some embellishments…quick, easy, cheap, and fun! I ended up using 2 different color yarns for mine, a darker shade on the bottom and then a lighter shade over the top. I LOVE IT! I then just made some various styles and sizes of fabric flowers from scraps laying around, so my only cost for this project was the wreath ($1 store) and at some point I bought the yarn (probably with my 40% off coupon).

My Fall wreath will likely double as a Summer wreath since I decided on more colorful fabric choices :)

Here’s some great inspiration if you’re ready to get started on your own yarn wreath:

Homemade Ginger

The Creative Imperative

Take Heart

And probably my all time favorite:

Come and Knock on Etsy

We {heart} Valentine’s Day

Posted by on Jan 11 2012

We {heart} Valentine’s Day! Although not necessarily for all the lovey-dovey, mushy-gushy stuff, but for all the super cute crafts! Don’t get me wrong, Valentine’s Day is a great day to spoil the ones you love, but we love an excuse to whip up some sweet projects! My only complaint is that it comes so soon after the holidays! I thought I was on top of things when I started planning ideas last fall, but then I got so caught up in all the fun Christmas and Winter crafts and then suddenly it’s almost February! Ahh, need. more. time!

So I had a day and a half to finally get this little project done. Woohoo! One down, 89 million to go! (89 is my 4 year old’s new favorite number) Hello again, red burlap! How do I love thee, let me count the ways…..{sigh}

This was a great couch project. You know the kind you can work on while you watch a fun movie with the kids, say for example Lilo and Stitch for the 89 millionth time ;) Grab some red burlap a nice big needle and white embroidery thread and get to stitching! XOXOXO

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! And hopefully I’ll have more time to post some of my other projects before it’s too late. We’ll also have these up for sale at our etsy shop if you’re not up for DIY. Here’s the store link for now and I’ll post a direct link once it’s added –


Custom Gift Certificates

Posted by on Nov 22 2011

Just a quick little post about the new products we recently began offering. These custom or semi-custom gift cards and gift card holders are great for business owners looking for something a little more unique than the traditional plastic gift cards. Not to mention the perfect way to dress up a birthday card/gift certificate! Stay tuned for the Bridesmaid Thank You versions :) Feel free to contact us for pricing and details on how to order.

WedFest 2011

Posted by on Nov 08 2011

This photoshoot and blog post have been a long time coming and we are so thrilled to finally be sharing it! Prepare to fall in love with this entire concept…we certainly did when Carmen of Carmen Salazar Photography first mentioned it to us last year.

Carmen and her husband were married at the courthouse and had hoped to plan a large reception closer to their anniversary, inviting friends and family to come out and spend several days celebrating. With her husband being a musician, creating a music festival themed reception seemed perfectly fitting and something everyone would enjoy and remember. The idea had our minds running wild the instant she asked if we’d take on the challenge of designing the music festival poster style invitations. However, as with the majority of us, life tends to get busy and when Carmen realized that she wouldn’t have time to put together her own WedFest, she instead opted for a fun and intimate photoshoot capturing the look and feel of what she still hopes to plan for herself and husband when time permits.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun Rashell and I had with this shoot. We started off with the color scheme, which was determined by looking at colors from the 70’s and giving them a modern twist – instead of mustard yellow, avocado green, and burnt orange, we went with slightly brighter tones. We tossed in a nice dark henna, bright red, and charcoal grey, giving it just the right amount of retro with a balance of current trends.

So what better way to start off this wedding than with the Save The Date designed on a 45 – fun right!? For the wedding invitation itself, we definitely loved the idea of the festival style poster and were totally inspired by this guitar pick flower we found on Pinterest. We just can’t get over how the textured paper we used helps give it all a washed, rustic look.
The Welcome Table greets the guests as they arrive with helpful items like water bottles, lip balm, and sunscreen, as well as their commemorative t-shirt favors, festival-inspired wrist bands, custom mix tape, and VIP passes. The burlap WedFest banner with its colorful scarves (love us some Steven Tyler) helps frame the view and the wooden directional signs help point the way.

Love Notes has a whole new meaning when used as a fun alternative to a guestbook, plus a guitar case and stand make the perfect display. On a personal side-note, the songbook on the stand shows Tom Petty’s Here Comes My Girl, which is the song I walked down the aisle to on my wedding day :)
Ok, and then there’s the Escort Card Table. This makes us smile – 8 track tapes designed to include music trivia on the back for a fun way for guests to get acquainted. Huge thanks to Audrey for the cute wooden display that worked out so perfectly!
The table details of this shoot are pretty amazing. The table itself is simply a truckload of tree stumps arranged in a row and then surrounded by several colorful quilts. We just love how rustic and warm everything feels. The incredibly gorgeous flowers from Audrey of Botanica Floral Designs never disappoint and it amazes me how much flowers can really pull everything together. Serving light snacks on cut logs alongside all the beautiful floral elements also creates such a natural, cozy feel. We designed coordinating labels for the home brewed beer from our good friend at Robert’s Homebrew Academy. We also brought along some of his homemade cheese (he teaches classes for that as well). We figured the table numbers would need a little bit of height so we decided to use a full size lp with names of their favorite bands.

The fabulous dessert table set up was designed by Rebecca and Hector of Sweet Cakes by Rebecca. The cake was absolutely beautiful! A great combination of rustic and elegant with a sugar flower on top that used the same paisley pattern as our paper elements – so cute! They not only invented s’mores kabobs just for this shoot, but the candy apples, popcorn balls, brownies, cotton candy, and churros tasted just as heavenly as they looked! And talk about creative – a nacho style dessert bar with cinnamon bunuelos and whipped cream, including tasty toppings like chocolate chips, cherries, chocolate and caramel sauces, and sprinkles.

We ended the day with a cute little tent scene for our happy couple and the lighting by this time couldn’t have been better! Using an A-frame my husband built and more quilts, we created this fun get-away spot for some gorgeous photos!

Huge shout-out to more great people involved in this project:
Marty from Dig Music for all the vinyl we could possibly want
Audrey from Fringe for the dress and so many extra little details for this shoot
Matt from for the awesome T-shirt favors that Rashell and I love to wear – you have to get one of their organic shirts, LOVE the look and feel!
Dominique Obrien for her hair and makeup magic
And of course, our wonderful models – Scott Freshour aka “Fresh” who emcees for the Sacramento Kings and the beautiful Mara Croesy

Embroidery Hoop Halloween Banner

Posted by on Oct 22 2011

Hey there! Just a quick little post to share one of the new projects I’ve been tinkering with. I’ve been so anxious to find a fun, unique way to incorporate embroidery hoops into decor projects. Cross-stitching and embroidery were some of the first crafting hobbies that I did as a child and have been doing ever since, so I’m excited to see how these little banners evolve. Anyways, this first one is for Carissa’s adorable little bakery – Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts – but I’m already getting started on Christmas themed ideas :)

And just a little close up of the letters – it’s a little hard to tell in this lighting, but each one is glittered with Krylon’s Glitter Blast Spray Paint (my new obsession)

Halloween Cupcake Liner Bat

Posted by on Oct 12 2011

OK! Here it goes – something I’ve been anxiously anticipating for quite awhile now – our first crafting tutorial! Yiipee! :)

Shockingly, it involves glitter! I know, so out of character, but couldn’t be helped. Now please bear with me, I’m sure the pictures are less than spectacular and any advice, tips, corrections, and constructive criticism on this process are certainly welcome – just be gentle ;)

This project is a spin off of the cupcake paper pom poms I made for our awesome friend Carissa of Sugar & Spice Specialty Desserts. Carissa gives me all the excuses I need to get creative since she let’s me decorate her adorable little bakery downtown. So when I saw the original version over at Kara’s Party Ideas, I made her 3 pink ones right away, and when brainstorming Halloween decor ideas, I thought a pumpkin version of the pom poms would be super cute and a spooky bat would be over-the-top adorable!

So here’s what you’ll need:
3″ foam ball
80-100 black cupcake liners (standard size)
glue gun
hot glue
small plastic cup (optional to hold the ball in place easier)
download & print this pdf – wing and eyes template
8.5×11 or larger black cardstock
White cardstock/paper
Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint – Starry Night
4 flat toothpicks

First thing to do is draw a line all the way around the ball dividing it in half. This will help with the placement of the wings.

Next is the time consuming part – gluing the cupcake liners to the ball. Take the flat bottom end of the pen and place it in the center of each cupcake liner. Now I’ve experimented with both ways and it seems to give slightly better color when you place the pen in the inside of the liner. You’ll then pull the sides of the liner down around the pen. Holding the liner on the pen, you’ll dab some hot glue on the end and stick it to the foam ball, holding for a few seconds until secure.

Continue this process until you have one half of the ball covered and are ready to attach the wings. For the wings, you can download the pdf and print out the template. Either print directly on your black cardstock if possible, or print out on paper and trace on to the cardstock and cut out two copies. Hot glue 2 of the flat toothpicks to each wing and insert into the foam along the line that you drew in the first step. Once you have both wings in place you can continue gluing the cupcake liners on the rest of the ball.

Now comes the really fun part – the glitter! So by now you’ve read past the materials list and maybe you just skimmed past it and didn’t realize the sheer awesomeness of the item listed as Krylon Glitter Blast Spray Paint – Starry Night. Maybe you were distracted by the heavens opening up and the angels singing like I was when I first read those words. Sparkling glitter spray paint available in 12 colors, as in every color of the rainbow and then some! Not just silver or gold, but COLORS, real colors! Ummm, so where was I? Oh yeah, the tutorial – so follow the directions on the can and get all spray-glitter-crazy and cover your bat from head to wing (that’s kinda all there is after all, but you get my point).

Let the sparkly little guy dry for awhile and while it’s might be super tempting to watch him dry, you can probably tear yourself away long enough to cut out the eyes from the printed template and maybe even use some Stickles Glitter Glue if you’re insanely addicted to glitter like some of those oddball crafty types I’ve heard of. Anyhow, once your glittered eyes are dry (we all know you glittered them so don’t even pretend), figure out the positioning you like the best, then slap some hot glue on them and press them down for a few seconds and Ta Da! You now have yourself a glitterific Halloween cupcake liner bat that will slightly smell like bug spray for a few hours :)

And here’s a pic of the pumpkin version although I realized after I took these photos that my pumpkin still needs some cute little corkscrew, whispy vines up near the stem. Eh, I’m over 30 now so my teenagers will quickly point out that I’m getting old and senial, so it’s just to be expected, sorry ;)

Ok, so whaddya think? Can I get at least a C+ for effort? It wasn’t all that bad was it? I mean besides the occasional ramblings and all the damn smiley/winky faces, right?


Happy Anniversary And A Trip Down Memory Lane….

Posted by on Jun 04 2011

To be honest, neither Rashell or I are the super mushy, overly sentimental type, but when I started thinking about what my husband and I could do this year for our 5 year wedding anniversary, Rashell and I realized that it was around this time 5 years ago that we had met! We’ve reminisced about all the things that have led us to this point and knew we had to do some kind of blog post about it all. It’s been quite an adventure, to say the least, for both of us individually as well as these last few years in business together.

Our very first post on this blog starts with “had Jessica had not wandered into Rashell’s store…” And we’ve somewhat come full circle, since I was shopping at the scrapbook store for paper products to use for my own wedding. And now here we are, combining both of our talents and love of paper and design for other brides looking for that same unique, creative touch.

I don’t want to babble on and on and make anyone gag, but we owe such a huge thanks to our terrific customers who not only keep us in business, but continue to allow us to challenge ourselves creatively. And to the amazing, wonderful, inspiring friends we’ve made within this industry – we’d be lost without you! We sheepishly admired these Superstars of the industry when we first started out and now we feel so fortunate to call them friends :)

So cheers to many more creative and prosperous years! And now for a nice good laugh, some of the little projects made when Rashell and I first began in our quaint little scrapbook store. Did I mention we’ve come a long way creatively-speaking? ;)

Feeling The Love!

Posted by on May 29 2011

It’s nearly June and when it comes to weddings, we all know this time of year is pure craziness!! About now begins the weekends full of beautiful couples saying their “I Do’s”, other beautiful couples getting last minute details worked out, vendors working their awesome little tooshies off, far away tropical resorts preparing for the cute honeymooners {insert jealous sigh here}, and kids out of school driving most of us crazy.

This is the time of the year that we tend to get too busy to stop and smell the roses. But Rashell and I have a couple quick things that we’re super thankful for right now that we just have to share.

First off — drumroll please……….Invitations Ink was announced as this year’s Winner for Best Invitations on the KCRA 3 A-List. I cannot even tell you how excited we were to see the amount of support we had for this contest! We took 2nd place last year, so coming in 1st this year was a great feeling! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, we feel incredibly honored :)

Our next “Feeling the Love” moment really took us by surprise and literally made us giddy with excitement. Recent customers and Rashell’s good friends posted on the Brides Magazine Facebook page about the wedding invitations we’d created for them. The following week, we saw this article on

Yep, you guessed it – mentioned the super cool wedding invitations we designed for Lyndsey and Michael! Talk about exciting! And, having our name under this gorgeous picture of Kate Hudson is a huge bonus! We adore her!

Wedding season is starting off great here at Invitations Ink, and we hope your summer is going just as well!

Thanks again to everyone for all the love and support!

Oh, and be sure to scroll down a tad to check out that super cool, awesome invitation that “everyone” is talking about, hehehe ;)

Baby Evan

Posted by on Feb 18 2011

This blog post is waaaaay overdue! Hostess with the Mostess recently featured this photoshoot, which made me realize that I had never even posted it on our own site! Geesh! What a slacker, right!? ;)

We had an amazing year last year – filled with so many new friends and opportunities. One of those new friends we met with was Jackie of Jacqueline Photography who is such a sweetheart! It started like most of our relationships – we stalked her :) Between Twitter and Facebook, we felt like we already knew Jackie even without having met her in real life. With so many friends in common, it’s easy to know someone without actually knowing them. You see their conversations with others, you read their blog and see their work, you share in their excitement when they announce the news that they are expecting a little boy!! Even better is when you are asked to do the invitations for their new bundle of joy! One of our mutual Twitter, Facebook, and real life friends, Aimee (2Chic Events & Design) was planning Jackie’s Baby Shower and came to us to handle the stationery. We were slightly excited (LOL – OK, our minds were exploding with ideas, whatever).

We love the creative freedom that Aimee lets us run with when we collaborate with her. She gave us our guidelines and here was the final design we settled on for the invitation:
Once the invitations were sent out, we set to work thinking of other aspects we could add in. We knew Aimee would need signs for the food table, lots of paper stars to hang throughout the house, and her super cute Mad Libs she created just for the party!

We eventually put together an entire Bingo Game set (we’d been dying to see this idea in action), some cute little napkin rings, Thank You bags for the dessert station, and these amazing wooden letters that we cut out on a scroll saw, hand-painted, then hand-glittered to match the font used in the original invitation. Check out all the details:
Joe from SJ’s Disc Jockey also provided additional fun that day with his popular photo booth. If you’re even thinking about having a photo booth at your event – you totally should! And give Joe a call, he’s seriously awesome! For Jackie’s take on her shower, visit her blog to see what she had to say. She had some gorgeous contributions from two of our favorites in the wedding industry, Audrey from Botanica Floral Designs and Rebecca from Sweet Cakes by Rebecca, so check it out!

First pic of Jackie’s invitations up at the top there is courtesy of Nick at Wilson Fotografie.

Elk Grove Bridal Show

Posted by on Feb 13 2011

First off, Rashell and I both agree that January was the longest DAY of our lives! But it was exactly what we needed to start 2011 off right :)

We participated in the Elk Grove Bridal Show on January 30th, but our mental preparations started early in December and by the first of the year, we were in full creative overdrive. We thought it would be fun and challenging to see how much we could work thrifting into the design of our booth, meaning we shopped thrift stores (love Thrift Town by the way!), antique shops and tried to reuse items in creative ways.

From the beginning we knew that our booth would need to look nothing like what you would expect from a typical invitation company. We don’t look at invitations as just a stand alone aspect of an event. They set the tone for the entire wedding, but then what? After those invitations go out, there are still so many ways that we can help create that same tone throughout the ceremony and reception, not to mention those all-important thank you’s. Coordinating is key, but not necessarily matchy-matchy, while infusing personality into each aspect so your day isn’t identical to anyone else’s.

We settled on designing a theme for each of the 4 seasons to show a nice range of options and color palettes. Rashell’s dad was a huge help, building all of our booth tables and the two backdrop displays. We really can’t thank him enough, along with my husband who hung wallpaper and wainscoting, painted, ironed, and help us set up and break down everything that day.

Here’s a picture of us in our booth, although from what we recall our booth seemed to be packed with people all day. That’s me (Jessica) on the left and Rashell on the right. Weird that we’re both laughing, we’re usually both totally serious!

We had a great time chatting with brides (and grooms, plus a few moms too!) and all the friends and family that stopped by to show their support. It was so rewarding to get so much positive feedback on our work and to have the chance to stretch our creativity a bit further than usual. We can’t wait to get all the pictures and blog posts up and share some of the fun new ideas we’ve been busy cooking up :)

The Best Time Of The Year

Posted by on Dec 17 2010

We’ve been looking forward to this theme since we began our Friday Freebie’s back in September. The cozy, warm, yet crisp feel of the Christmas/Holiday season just can’t be beat. The hustling, the bustling, the shopping, the baking, the wrapping, the giving, the loving……it truly is the best time of the year!

Rashell and I wanted to get away from the traditional red and green Christmas colors or the typical blue and white Winter colors, so we chose a nice warm combination of darker reds, denim blues, and rich brown.

Being a huge fan of holiday baking, I seriously had to refrain from going crazy with all the delicious recipes there are to choose from, so in addition to the Hot Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies from the {Sneak Peek}, here are 2 of my favorites:

Download Holiday Cookie Recipes

Peppermint Meltaways – here’s how good these cookies are – Rashell and I both hate peppermint flavor in just about everything! Candy canes, gum, candy, mints, toothpaste, you name it we won’t eat it, EXCEPT these cookies! I don’t even know why I ever made them but a few years back I baked some up for the holidays and we nearly died from shock at how awesome they were! So far they are the only cookie I have made every year since then, so even if you aren’t a fan of peppermint you will still love these cookies!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate heaven, ’nuff said! ;)

Our craft ideas had to be kept in check as well, as we could have spent an entire year creating project after project. But we managed to keep things fairly simple with just a few items. Most of the downloadable portions were included in last week’s {Sneak Peek}, so be sure to check them out. The cinnamon stick votive holder had been on my mind for some time. I found it easiest to hot glue the sticks to ribbon first and then wrap them around the votive holder and then gluing the ribbon into place. It needed some color so I added the red ribbon and glued to mini candy candy together in the shape of a heart and tucked it under the ribbon.
The glitter covered foam trees were easy but messy! Love how they turned out though, especially next to the flickering light of a few candles.The little fabric flowers were actually made from old sweaters. When I saw the tutorial on Whipperberry, I knew I had to find a reason to make them! Aren’t they the perfect alternative to those boring bows!? And one more little freebie before we go – printable gift tags for all those presents Santa makes us parents wrap for him ;)

Download Holiday Gift Tags

A very special thanks to Tiffany from Tiffany Grace Photography and Jearme from D6 Photography! We can’t thank you both enough for all the time you spent helping us get these great images!

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The Best Time Of The Year {Sneak peek}

Posted by on Dec 10 2010

The Holidays are in full swing and we are busy little elves over here – baking, sewing (sort of), hot gluing, decorating, eating, printing and designing our little hearts out. And we’re loving every second of it! We’ve had a tremendous year and we are so excited to see all the great things that are happening around us!

We want to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season! So with that, here is a little sneak peek of the Holiday themed freebies we’ve been tinkering with :)

Next week we’ll have the photo shoot pictures available to show how we brought all our little ideas together, but in the meantime, here’s what you can download and start creating:

{filelink=33} Holiday Collection Includes: Hot Chocolate Cookies Recipe, Holiday Cards, Holiday Tags, and a Holiday Candle Wrapper

The Hot Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies were a huge hit with pretty much everyone we passed them around to at our home away from home – The Urban Hive! I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman website and just had to try it, hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Thanks so much to Tiffany from Tiffany Grace Photography once again for the amazing pictures! You know your photographer is awesome when you have a hard time picking which pics are the best because they are ALL AMAZING! <3

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Finally Fall Wedding

Posted by on Nov 24 2010

As promised, here is our Wedding version of the Finally Fall tablescape. A little early since we’ll be enjoying the holidays with our families the next few days and we figured you all would be a bit busy as well. (If you missed the Finally Fall post, it might help to check it out first to see all the how-to’s and such) We’ve been so busy with all the fun freebie themes, we haven’t actually had a wedding post in quite awhile! It’s great to be talking about weddings again :)
We were floored when we saw how Audrey’s beautiful tall vases and flowers matched things so perfectly!
To start, we took our paper flower frame and replaced the Thanksgiving quote with the Table Number. The apple tealight holders are also so easy and so cute, how can you not be in love them!?We used the same place cards with names this time instead of the conversation starter questions. We also took the same burlap flower on the place cards and attached some ribbon for a coordinating napkin ring. I just love how easy these flowers are – rough cut circles of burlap and some felt flowers hot glued together. Maybe add some bling or a few colorful beads to the center if you can’t find the felt flowers anywhere (Sadly, I have no clue where I got mine, a scrapbook store somewhere I’m sure). Remember those super cute purple fabric flowers? We’ve had a mile long list of ways to start using fabric, so attaching it to the menu along with some burlap and beads seemed like a fun place to start! Then, we just HAD to use them one more time, so again we paired it with the burlap and glued it to the front of a glass votive holder filled with dried peas. I’m in love! Pretty sure my house will be filled with peas and tealights next year! Look at these beauties! And, yes, the twig coasters had to make another appearance. As I mentioned last week, the coasters are far too time consuming to use for each and every guest at a wedding, but two per table under the votive holders is pretty doable – especially with results this amazing! To top it all off, how about jars of homemade apple butter for favors? If you love to bake or cook and want that extra personal touch, these would be perfect!

{filelink=31}Apple Butter Recipe and Favor Tags

Well, there you have it!! We’d love to hear your thoughts? And how about these freebies? We have one more planned for the rest of the year, since we knew the holidays would be keeping us too busy to get one out every Friday. January starts to get pretty busy for us in the invitation world, but tell us what you think – should we try to add a few freebies now and then or have you had your fill?

Special thanks again to Nick from Wilson Fotografie and Audrey from Botanica Floral Designs

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Sooo Grateful To You All!

Posted by on Nov 18 2010

Wow, Halloween has come and gone! Thanksgiving is only a week away and someone please tell me how there are just 37 days until Christmas?! Could this year have flown by any faster?!! These past few weeks we’ve been soooo busy! We helped out with a super cute baby shower and have already begun working on invitations for the 2011 Wedding Season. It’s looking to be an awesome year for us and so many others, so we’ll be sharing more of what we’ve been up to as we find time.

But – before we get completely swept away with the holidays, we wanted to be sure and give some major shout-outs to some of the people in our lives that we are so grateful for.

Personally, I would not be who I am, where I am without my best friend, Travis, whose love and support keep me sane! I’m so incredibly grateful for our beautiful children, who give me purpose and keep me laughing and smiling. And to Rashell – Seriously. The best business partner. EVER!

Rashell doesn’t get to thank anyone cuz she’s not writing this post. LOL, just kidding, I’ll let her add something in here – Wow, I don’t even know where to begin — I am truly grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I don’t know what I would do without the love and support of my mom—she is the sweetest, cutest mommy EVER and always has been an inspiration.  AND to Paula, the best roommate EVER—thank you for all that you do! AND of course Jessica who stole my line “Seriously. The best business partner. EVER!” I don’t know what I’d do without my super “cool”, funny, sarcastic partner!

Professionally, which also translates over into our personal lives quite a bit – we’d like to let the following people know how important they are to us and how happy we are to call them friends and colleagues:

{Wedding Friends}

Aimee – 2 Chic Events & Design – Working with Aimee is terrific. Not only does she always have cutting edge ideas, but she gives us the creative freedom that we love!
Audrey – Botanica Floral Designs – Audrey is unbelievably talented and sweet. Her designs and creativity always keep us ooohing and aaahing.
Rebecca  – Sweet Cakes by Rebecca – Rebecca is such a hard worker and is an artist when it comes to cakes. Her cakes are over-the-top and taste like heaven! Not to mention, she and her husband Hector are amazingly sweet and helpful.
Jennifer – Calligraphy by Jennifer – Even without having met Jennifer in person, this girl is a.dor.a.ble! Her calligraphy is awesome, so there’s that….and then her frickin’ cute-ass Southern accent – Love it…she is so gracious and hardworking!
Natalee – Sac Baby Expo and Elk Grove Bridal Show – Hm, maybe I should just say “We Heart Natalee” in like 600 point font, all caps, bolded, with a flashing neon outer glow. That might just sum up how much we adore her!
Nick – Wilson Fotografie – Nick has been so great to us! He has given up countless hours of his time to help make our products look their very best! We love his style of photography and just can’t thank him enough for all that he does. Such a great guy!
Carmen – Carmen Salazar Photography – Carmen is not only an amazing photographer, but she is such a great person. She is always so willing to help with anything and she is so much fun to work with!
Tanya – River City Cake Co. – All we have to do is mention the word cake and Tanya is practically on our doorstep with cake in hand. We’ll never forget the day we stopped by and mentioned what a tough day it had been already. The next thing we know she’s bringing us a plate of cake samples to cheer us up!
Carissa – Sugar and Spice – We love Carissa’s enthusiasm so much! Her desserts are beyond fabulous and her ideas are so fun! Aside from all of that, she easily made this list for introducing us to the heavenly tacos at The Golden Bear!
Angela – Angela Dal Bon Invitations – aka A 2 da D 2 da B, aka second coolest invitation company on this side of the Mississippi, is not only known for her amazing invitations but her rapping skillz as well. We absolutely fell in love with Angela the first time we met her. Wait, are we allowed to say that about our competition? (Hehe, I’ll just make sure her link above goes to our site – kidding!)
Lisa Sacco – Sacco Salon – Lisa is such a great person! She is one of those that is always lending a hand to a great cause or just being a supportive, sweet person. We were completely bummed that we were too swamped with work to make it out to her October Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, so we’ll have to make sure we’re first in line next year!
Tessa – The Frosted Cake Shop – Do you see a pattern here? We {heart} cake people. AND no it doesn’t have anything to do with the sugar. If you haven’t met Tessa, not only will you fall in love with her sweet treats and beautiful sugar flowers but her genuine sweetness as well.

{Non-Wedding Friends}

Tiffany – Tiffany Grace Photography – Oh, our Tiffany! Good grief, we have some cute friends! Tiffany is someone you don’t just want to work with, but someone you want to find an excuse to go hang out with (unless she’s on her way to hot yoga — or on her way home from hot yoga for that matter!). She is an amazing photographer, a hardworking, thoughtful sweetheart. Plus, she and I share a huge love of Jackie Greene, so one more reason to love her :)
Brandon – The Urban Hive – I don’t know what we would do without Brandon and The Urban Hive. The community, the creativity, the connections have all been huge for us. Brandon’s positive and caring attitude are so genuine and the entire atmosphere at The Hive has become an addiction for us.
Marty – Dig Music – Marty is one of our fellow Hivers and another reason we look forward to coming to work.  He is such a great guy to sit and chat with and he always has a smile and a hug for us.
Steve – Americas Comedy – Steve is all about comedy! We love seeing hardworking people be successful at something that they absolutely love! He has totally found his calling in life and we just adore him!
Renee and Debbie – Scrap ‘n’ Stamp – Renee and Debbie are always so willing to help us out in a pinch! We love our field trips to their scrapbooking store and the wall-to-wall cuteness!
Cory – Surf in Town – Cory is affectionately referred to as our “IT Department”. He is always there to help out with those annoying little issues we encounter now and then. He comes to our rescue time and time again and we are thankful for all his help.
Christina and Robert – Angeles Career Consulting and Robert’s Homebrew – Christina and Robert just make us smile! They are brilliant AND funny! Hm, and we thought we were the only ones ;)
Erik – 20 Causes 20 Days – It’s so refreshing when we meet people who really want to make a difference, no matter how far out of their comfort zone. Erik is honestly an inspiration to us! If you haven’t checked out all the good that he does, be sure to visit his site.

It has been such a pleasure working with all of you and we look forward to the great things we will all accomplish in the years to come!

And a Thanksgiving post would not be complete without thanking all of our customers for believing in us and trusting us with some of your most important events and for allowing us to continue doing what we love!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Jessica and Rashell

Finally Fall

Posted by on Nov 14 2010

We just loved the details of this Fall scene! Not to brag or anything, but we think it’s our best Freebie photo shoot yet! We’re so in love :) Thanks Nick for the great photos!

Rashell came across the inspiration for the pie on Preston Bailey’s website, although we had to put our own Autumn spin on it. What do you think? Perfect for a kitchen table centerpiece, right?And you’re not going to believe this, but the owl on the can wrapper freebie – I drew that in Illustrator! If you don’t already know, Rashell does the graphic design part of things, with me typically pointing and suggesting over her shoulder. When we decided that we needed an owl for this theme, I started tinkering and seeing what I could come up with. I showed the rough draft to Rashell, she cleaned it all up and made him pretty! So cool!

And another huge thanks to Audrey of Botanica Floral Designs for the gorgeous flowers. The bright orange and green were just perfect!So I mentioned the Soup Can Wrapper Freebie that we created above, but we have 3 other freebies from this set as well. The Thankful For You Notecards (here on the Sneak Peek), Thank You Tags (I tied ours to a stack of square cookies with a cute little orange squirrel), and the Thanksgiving Place Cards. We thought the place cards would be more fun if we wrote a question on each one to ask the person sitting across from you.

{filelink=27}Soup Can Wrapper and Thank You Tags
{filelink=28}Fall Place Card Questions
{filelink=29}Fall Jalapeno Artichoke Dip Recipe
{filelink=30}Blank Fall Recipe Cards

In addition to the freebies, we had some awesome craft and decorating ideas! The burlap, ribbon, and bling decorating gourds were super easy, just tie ribbon or burlap and glue on some bling. The fabric flowers were fairly simple as well – basically trace, cut, then hot glue together (click the link for full instructions). Instead of names on the place cards, we customized some ribbon napkin rings instead. Our Mild and Spicy dip tags coordinated with the rest of the theme and the Apple Tealight Holders are one of those ideas that I’ve been dying to try out. So easy! Just carve out the top of a decent shaped apple and press the tealight in. Almost too easy for such a cute project!So I saved the harder projects for last, but they are soooo worth it! The twig coasters are seriously the most charming little detail of the whole table! They pretty much cost nothing to make, but took a couple hours to complete. Just some twigs (we happened to have a dead tree in the yard when we moved a few months ago) and instead of twine I used the little strands from some of the burlap. The paper flower frame wasn’t all that difficult either, just time consuming. We used it to frame a saying that we thought was perfect for Thanksgiving – “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy”

We’ll also be using some of these same elements in an upcoming post for Autumn Wedding Ideas!

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